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Hotel Booking Links: West Region Challenge Ace Series

Hotel Partnerships are being negotiated.  An email will be sent to all registered teams and a link will be posted once a contract has been signed.

Congrats to Utah Boys for winning the first Men's WRC Desert Series 1 Champion

Congrats to GCU Lopes for winning the first Women's WRC Desert Series 1 Champion

NCVF Dashboard

NCVF has developed a way for recognized leagues and registered clubs to evaluate whether they can or cannot operate, as well as to what extent, in 2021. Please feel free to use the link to be updated on the status for Spring 2021.

COVID Protocols

- Required health survey for every participant and spectator before entry

- Temperature Checks at the door.  Anyone over 100 will not be allowed entry

- All team camps must be set up outside the facility

- Masks must be worn at all times unless playing in the match

- Hand Sanitizer at every table 

- Open doors when doable to provide airflow

- Cleaning of the game balls in between every match

- Electric whistles for refs

- No paper score sheets to avoid sharing of pencils and scores table use

- 1 spectator per participant, cap at 100 spectators.  All spectators are only allowed inside during the match they are watching.  No roaming from court to court. *This is on a case by case basis based on city, county, state, and facility regulations

- Social distancing must be practiced at all times

2020 MLK Invite

Congratulations to the 2019 NCVF Women's Division 1AAA champions Loyola Marymount University!

NCVF All-Tournament Teams

Congratulations to all the SCCVL athletes who made the 2019 NCVF All-Tournament teams!

Men's Division 1

2nd Team

Brenden McDonnell - U of Arizona - A

Women's Division 1

1st Team

Katie Smith  - UCSB - A

Kirsty Star - UCLA - A

2nd Team

Grace Fox Tappin - UCSB - A

Madison Hurst - UCLA - A

Honorable Mention

Christine Miller - UCSB - A

Julianne Nussbaum - UCLA - A

Women's Division 1AA

1st Team

Kailee McCoy - ASU - A

2nd Team

Rachel Miller - ASU - A

Women's Division 1AAA

1st team

Kelty Hori - LMU - MVP

Sahara Martinez - LMU 

Honorable Mention

Patricia Lynch - LMU

Casey Ahrendsen - USD 

Men's Division 3

1st Team

Andrew Adair  - U of Arizona - B 

2nd Team

Keifer Neerhof - U of Arizona - B

Women's Division 3

1st Team

Mikayla Buscaino - USC - B

2nd Team

Karlee Chang - UCLA - B

Honorable Mention

Riley Carter - USC - B

Elle Jackson - SDSU - B

Hannah Grace Smith - UCLA - B

2019 NCVF Division 1 Men's Coach of the Year

Bridget Kulesh - UCSB - A

2019 NCVF Division 1 Women's Coach of the Year

Quinn Costello - UCLA - A