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Sign up today for the CBVT Arizona Challenge

No need to be a part of a college club program!   Anyone in between the ages of 18-24 can sign up.  Or if you are a current college student or a senior/grad student who did not get to compete in your final Spring semester, you can sign up as well.

The tournament will be held Saturday October 24 at the Scottsdale Ranch Park.  We will have 16 men's teams and 16 women's teams.

Blenders Sunglasses is providing a pair of shades to the top 3 winning teams for each gender!

Be sure to secure your spot today and sign up using the link below!

CBVT Arizona Challenge Registration Link

COVID-19 Update | West Region Challenge & SCCVL League Championships Canceled

It is with great remorse and sadness that the 2020 West Region Challenge and SCCVL League Championships will be canceled. 

We know how excited everyone was to compete in these events, but we have to maintain the safety of all our athletes and fans.  With the ever-growing COVID-19 virus and the effects it is having on travel, sporting events, and our society in general, we did not want to put anyone in a position to potentially acquire the virus.  

Many universities are putting travel restrictions on club teams which prohibits teams from participating in events.  We know it is only a matter of time that every university in the country will have some sort of restrictions so we wanted to give you as much notice as possible about our cancellation.

We are deeply hurt to cancel the West Region Challenge and the SCCVL League Championships as we love providing as many opportunities to play volleyball as possible.  You, your team, and your family's health is not something to take lightly and we hope everyone is taking the proper precautions necessary to remain healthy.

Please direct all follow-up questions to Jimmy Lundgren,, and we hope to be able to serve you and your team next year.

2020 MLK Invite

Congratulations to the 2019 NCVF Women's Division 1AAA champions Loyola Marymount University!

NCVF All-Tournament Teams

Congratulations to all the SCCVL athletes who made the 2019 NCVF All-Tournament teams!

Men's Division 1

2nd Team

Brenden McDonnell - U of Arizona - A

Women's Division 1

1st Team

Katie Smith  - UCSB - A

Kirsty Star - UCLA - A

2nd Team

Grace Fox Tappin - UCSB - A

Madison Hurst - UCLA - A

Honorable Mention

Christine Miller - UCSB - A

Julianne Nussbaum - UCLA - A

Women's Division 1AA

1st Team

Kailee McCoy - ASU - A

2nd Team

Rachel Miller - ASU - A

Women's Division 1AAA

1st team

Kelty Hori - LMU - MVP

Sahara Martinez - LMU 

Honorable Mention

Patricia Lynch - LMU

Casey Ahrendsen - USD 

Men's Division 3

1st Team

Andrew Adair  - U of Arizona - B 

2nd Team

Keifer Neerhof - U of Arizona - B

Women's Division 3

1st Team

Mikayla Buscaino - USC - B

2nd Team

Karlee Chang - UCLA - B

Honorable Mention

Riley Carter - USC - B

Elle Jackson - SDSU - B

Hannah Grace Smith - UCLA - B

2019 NCVF Division 1 Men's Coach of the Year

Bridget Kulesh - UCSB - A

2019 NCVF Division 1 Women's Coach of the Year

Quinn Costello - UCLA - A